Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is VILD Songwriting Agency?

VILD Songwriting Agency is a worldwide Entertainment Agency. We provide Radio PR Service, Radio Play, Interviews, Music TV Exposure, Record Label/Publishing, Music Production, Songwriting Services, Review Exposure, and Music Social Media (Band Brands). We help Record Label A&R, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Program Directors, Music Executives, Film/TV Supervisors, and Artist Management to find top quality musical talent (singers, rappers, songwriters, producers, djs, musicians) from around the world. If your music is hot enough, it will be selected & forwarded as solicited to Major Record Label A&R contacts for possible signing. We make sure your music is guaranteed to be reviewed and considered for placement. Every song you submit gets reviewed and feedback.

Submitting music increases your overall exposure to the music industry. The more music you submit, the more your music will be directly considered by music executives at present and in the future.

VILD music industry network includes contacts to Def Jam Records, Capital Records, Universal Records, Columbia Records, Island Records, Warner Bros. Records, Sony Music, plus Radio Program Directors, Film/TV Music Supervisors, and Music Publishers for NBC, FOX, HBO, ABC, TLC, MTV, VH1, BBC, PBS-NOVA, CW, Bravo, Comedy Central, Virgin, America's Next Top Model, NYC Prep, Beauty and the Geek, Stager Invasion, Jersey Shore, Project Runway, and multiple other TV shows. Our network of contacts is constantly growing.

2) Why use VSA?

For the cost you'd spend mailing your music to Record Labels without permission or promise of review, We guarantee your music gets reviewed and, if selected, gets forwarded as solicited. We hold direct relationships with Label A&R and Music Executives throughout the industry who respect the quality of music received from the our service. We offer all talent an excellent way to connect with music executives to get music placed on both album and film/tv/radio projects. Plus, every song you submitted receives feedback sent directly to your email. Each and every song is reviewed!

3) Can I submit my music for FREE?


Yes, if you are a member. To join, you must chose between 2 membership options. 1 to pay a monthly fee of $50 which is $600 for the year or 2  to pay a Annually fee of $300 which saves you $300 for the year. All services are free for members only! Non-members will pay for services seperately. 

4) Is selected music guaranteed to be forwarded as solicited material?

Yes, our establish relationships and agreements set in place with all clients (Record Label A&R, Artist Management, Film/TV Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, etc.) prior to  all clients commit to a guaranteed receipt and review of all music forwarded.

5) Will my music be heard by Record Label A&R?

Yes, if your music is selected in a Record Label related campaign, it is guaranteed to be reviewed and listened to by the receiving Record Label's A&R Department as per agreement between us and the destination Record Label.

6) Will my music be heard by Music Executives?

Yes, if your music is selected in a Artist Management, Music Publishing, or Film/TV/Radio related campaign, it is guaranteed to be reviewed and listened to by the receiving Music Executives as per agreement between us and the destination Music Managers, Music Supervisors, and Program Directors.

7) Will I receive legal representation if a Label wants to use my music?

Yes, specific submitted campaigns provide you with legal representation by a Hollywood Entertainment Law Firm when a Record Label wants to sign your music.


8) What's the difference between being selected & receiving placement?

When your song is selected, it has been selected to be forwarded. Being selected doesn't guarantee placement. Receiving placement is when your song has been licensed or signed & will appear on an album or broadcast. Probabilities of receiving placement are determined by Label A&R & Music Executives once your music has been forwarded. Regardless of placement, connecting with executives is key as this lays the foundation for building long-term music business relationships.

9) Is connecting w/ Music Execs as valuable as having my song placed?

Yes, the music industry is all about networking and building relationships. We enable music producers to connect with Record Label A&R, Film/TV Music Supervisors, and Music Executives regardless if your song ends up in placement. Building name recognition with music executives is essential for one's music career. We get talent's names and music into the hands of major industry players to help build crucial recognition & connections.

10) What is our Refund Policy?

We have a no refund policy. Once you have purchased a membership, no refunds will be granted. You are purchasing a service to have your music reviewed for possible selection and forwarding. Violation of our refund policy will result in a permanent ban from all our services. No exceptions allowed.